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Why Better Meals


Bettermeals extensive menu provides many appetizing dishes to choose from. Our menus are tailored to satisfy the specific dietary needs of our customers while satisfying their palette with tasty selections. Since we continuously add new items to our menu, be sure to check our featured menu list.


Providing meals with nutritional value is a fundamental tenet in our business. Our staff takes the time and care in preparing your meals to ensure that what you eat is natural, tasty and beneficial for you in the long haul:

  • No MSG or preservatives are added
  • Natural spices are used to reduce sodium
  • Full course and a la carte meals are blast frozen to maintain freshness and preserve nutrients
  • Salads and sandwiches are prepared shortly before their arrival for a refreshing taste


Our preparation and delivery service saves you time and the worry for preparing meals and allows you to focus on the activities that you enjoy doing in life:

  • Delivered weekly to your door
  • Packaged meals that are easy store and carry.
  • Save time for dish washing, grocery and cooking
  • Packaged meals are easy to serve: 5 minutes for microwave and 30 minutes for oven to serve
  • Deliver meals in biodegradable containers for environmentally friendly disposal


We believe in charging low prices for our services in order for you to maintain the lifestyle you want while reaping the benefits from our nutritious meals. Please check our featured menu for special offers on our dishes. All deliveries are free!