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Established in 1993, Better Meals was founded with a primary objective: to address the nutritional challenges faced by seniors struggling to eat for optimal health and well-being. Our core values are anchored in the assurance of providing affordable, nutritious, and delicious meals, and over the years, we have garnered the confidence of our customers by consistently delivering a quality product with good value on the dollar.

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We’ve been more than pleased with the meals we’ve had – it amazes me how something “mass produced” can still present itself as fresh.  Your company obviously has this down to a fine art – and credits please of course to the chef!  Looking forward to our next order.

Better Meals provides a wonderful service and I truly appreciate that you were able to help my Mom out for the past three years by keeping her well fed with healthy meals. All the best to you.

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Better Meals

5742 Beresford St.
Burnaby BC V5J 1J1

Tel. 604-299-1877 Toll-free 1888-838-1888
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