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Institutional Enquiries

For service providers who currently cater to the elderly, if you and your organization would like to extend your services to include meal care, and would like Better Meals to provide the service for your customers, please contact us today and we’ll arrange a presentation to show you why Better Meals is the better choice for you. Organizations that currently subscribe to Better Meals include: Veterans Affairs, Office of the Public Trustee of BC and ICBC.

Happy Customers

“I just wanted to tell you that the order we asked for was not only delivered when you said BUT they were delicious!!! I have not ordered anymore at present because with the warmer weather, we do not eat very many hot/warm meals. WE WILL DEFINITELY BE ORDERING MEALS WHEN SEPTEMBER COMES ALONG. I am very happy that I found your service. Please take care and CHEERS!!!”

“We used to live in Chilliwack and got my in-laws onto Better Meals when we were there and it was wonderful for them. Even though we are 6000 kms away now, we still recommend Better Meals to all our friends with elderly parents back home. Thank you for the great service you provide.”

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